Yelian Garcia

Six Trends Driving Biotechnology Mergers and Acquisitions According to Yelian Garcia

The biotech industry has seen its highs and lows in deal making over the last few years. Last year, 622 deals were closed, the second highest number of deals over the last six years. The highest number of deals recorded in this period was in 2015, with 629 deals closed. Already, 2019 is gearing to be a record-breaking year in biotech M&A with the announcement of the Bristol Myers Squibb acquisition of Celgene for around $74 billion.

Over the years, various factors have influenced biotech M&A deals, ranging from advances in biotech to changes in laws. Understanding these factors offers insights into how such deals are struck and what to look for to get ahead of these deals. To bring more insight into these factors, Yelian Garcia, an international finance and global affairs professional, recently took some time to explain six factors that are driving the current wave of biotech M&A deals.

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